Happy Fish and Flood Resilience Go Together

Many culverts are barriers to fish passage, causing fragmented habitat and isolated populations.  We replaced a failing culvert on Crossett Brook, opening up three miles of fish habitat and improving flood resilience. Check out the before and after!

River Clean Up

For the 15th plus year, volunteers removed tires, trash and debris from the river and its tributaries. Montpelier High School students turned the river junk into art.  Thank you to all of our great volunteers!


Featured Project: Bioretention

In the summer 2015, the Friends, in partnership with the Town of Williston and funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, installed a bioretention facility in the  Palmer Court neighborhood in Williston.  This neighborhood was built in the 1960s and therefore predates mandated stormwater controls.  The cul-de-sac at the end of Palmer Court receives runoff from approximately ¾ acre, over half of which is impervious surface.  The Williston Town-wide Watershed Improvement Plan identified the installation of a bioretention area in the cul-de-sac as a high priority project.  The bioretention area will capture 200 pounds of sediment and one pound of phosphorus per year. 

If you are interested in learning more about stormwater and its impacts, please visit our Stormwater page.  To learn more about this project, please contact the Friends at info@winooskiriver.org or 882-8276.

Four Rivers Fund

The Friends have established the Four Rivers Fund to support and expand our work in the Barre Montpelier area. Urban areas, with their roads, roofs, parking lots, and lack of vegetation along streambanks, are hard on river ecosystems. They contribute many pollutants to the river and dramatically alter habitat. We need your support to address these impacts!

The Fund is so named because it is here that the Winooski River meets up with three of its major tributaries—the Stevens Branch, the North Branch and the Dog River. The Fund will allow us to expand our stewardship efforts and the services that we provide to the Barre-Montpelier communities and engage more residents as river stewards.This work has and will include river clean ups, water quality monitoring, assessment of stormwater systems that empty into local waterways, and stormwater run-off mitigation projects.

Many in the business community have stepped up already to support the Fund. We need your support as well! Visit the Four Rivers Fund Razoo page to donate!